Website Launching: Youth Action for Climate Transformation

Absolute Single-used Plastic Reduction Campaign

Youth Action for Climate Transformation (YouthACT) is youth-led initiative to tackle environmental issues. YouthACT is preparing for its first campaign to be launched in November 2023.

The key challenging and critical question to educational institutions like us is higher demands for contributing towards society using knowledge. This is called the Third Mission. The Third Mission comes in addition to the existing traditional purposes/missions of academic institutions such as (1) teaching and (2) research.

The Third Mission has two key priorities:

  1. targeted use and transfer of academic knowledge to help resolve current societal and economical challenges;
  2. transfer and utilization of technologies and innovations through cooperation with public and private enterprises

The launch of the Youth Act for Climate Transformation is paused for a while. We thrilled to be able to launch today - on this specific occasion of World Teachers’ Day – to mark the dedication of all teachers at both Chinbridge Institute and Victoria Academy.

Plastic is now part of our planet’s fabric – a scientist and archaeologist discuss what happens next